7 November 2019

I don't believe there is anything more iconic, more transcendent from reality, in the biker collective imagination than a vest with the colors that a member of a club wears. Everyone can ride a motorcycle, but not everyone chooses the path to become part of a family of motorcyclists; for those who do it, long roads open up, full of initial obstacles, suspicious looks, commitments but also great satisfactions, earned respect, the feeling of helping to grow something and make life something that becomes unique and perfectly recognizable for everyone. And not all bikers get into groups wearing a vest, many just stick to T-shirts or patches to wear whatever they want, which is common for road or touring groups. True families of motorcyclists, characterized by custom bikes, have always made it an honor and a burden to wear the jacket with the colors and emblems of the group they belong to. It is essential, it is natural, it is a moral obligation and a personal pride to be able to have - with the passage of time and activity within the family - the various patches that demonstrate the passage of rank between brothers. Those who have sweated, dreamed, desired cannot even imagine doing without it and in fact many do not give up wearing it even when they are not on a bike. Because the colors get inside you, if you feel it, if you believe it, and you cannot detach yourself from your second skin. It is above all a question of profound respect also for the other brothers with whom he thus proves to want to recognize himself, therefore light years away from certain motorcyclists who receive the jacket when buying an overpriced motorcycle, or in exchange an annual fee that only proves social class and not the true camaraderie that comes from frequenting the streets together. And we spread a merciful veil over those who received it, shared it, and then leave it hanging on the crutch in the closet when he goes to get air what he evidently considers the true symbol, the motorcycle. The motorcyclist, the one that the vest would also take to bed, even torn, even decades old, maybe he dies in it, maybe he goes on foot when he can't take it anymore, but he would never put the bike in front of the colors before, in the scale of their priority. Of course, there are people who don't care at all, and even oriental factories that have come to copy vests and colors of the famous mc's to sell them on the internet. But this is just proof of how ridiculous people are. The others, the real ones, would not have had him removed even with stabbing.

Papa Doc for MPM GENS