Symbol and tradition

21 December 2019

With the Christmas celebrations approaching, it is interesting to pause for a moment on an event that took place months ago and which deserves more attention. Last March a monument to the Motociclisti Crucifix was inaugurated on the sidewalk in front of the church of San Vitale, in via Nazionale in Rome. The road, with high flow and heavy tourist traffic, allows you to easily see the great cross and its plaque with the inscription 8212 and the prayer of St. Patrick to bless the travelers. The monument was born from an idea of Monsignor Micheletti in memory of those who unfortunately lost their lives on the road; to pay them the homage and the due memory it was necessary to use a strong symbol, beyond any monument or statue, and the cross was the natural solution.

Made with care and dedication by the men of the MPM and 8212 with pieces of motorcycle mechanics, it also reflects the image adopted by the MPM in its own colors, the Templar cross, intending with it to relate to the ancient values and customs of medieval knights, in a mixture emotion that unites traditional religion, the spontaneous desire to take care of the needy and a past that from merely iconic becomes present again and materially concrete. The initial idea of the city monument is becoming a tradition in the MPM, with the gift of new crosses, not least the one that reached Ireland, the land of St. Patrick, as an ideal escort for the members of God's Squad. The visit to the cross of motorcyclists therefore remains a stage of great significance for every biker who is in the capital.

Papa Doc for MPM GENS