Night Dragon Tour Pirelli 2012

10 September 2012

In order to test and advertise their new tires, the "Night Dragon" in the best possible way, Pirelli organized a monstrous tour de force which started on May 9th from Venice to Grad, then to Timisoara, further stage from Timisoara (in Romania) to Bucharest, from Bucharest to Sofia in Bulgaria and finally a last stage up to Istanbul on the Bosphorus.

Pirelli has definitely aimed its objectives of expanding the market towards the custom world and has tried to develop tires that offer both maximum grip, in starts and accelerations, as well as stability and durability. For this reason they have concentrated - in addition to the compounds - on the study of the tread grooves, with a lot of rubber in contact with the ground and the grooves positioned in the best way, also guaranteeing adequate flow towards the outside of the water in case of rain. and it must be said that the bikers who attended the trip saw a lot of rain. The weather conditions have definitely been changing all the time, which has offered the possibility, combined with the state of the road surface, which is certainly not ideal in many countries, to carry out valid tests on the compliance of the tires with their use. In the end, the "Night Dragon" proved all their intrinsic value: it is also interesting to know that the structure is composed of three layers of polyester that eliminates elasticity gaining the ability to absorb shocks and disconnections, and sudden braking, and from two nylon layers to the advantage of an optimal pressure distribution. Designed for the custom world, they could only be mounted on amazing Harley Davidson and the column of bikers has left its mark for over three thousand kilometers.

The leaders of the MPMs participated in the "Night Dragon Tour", and in fact in the photos you can see our president and vice president, who we also found photographed in the beautiful article recently published in the new issue of Bikers Life magazine. 17 different Harleys, frequently swapped between bikers in order to also test different riding styles, took the group to wonderful countries, scenic roads and poor, biker-free cities, offering a whole glimpse of the real world as it sometimes is. it is not even imagined by certain biker realities, or supposed such, that instead of worrying about growing what I would call the mystique of our world (mutual help, brotherhood, respect, peace, joy of living) they seem more concerned about their landing quarrels Mc is stronger or tougher, or whoever has more members, or whoever has more commercial power. Which is causing the world of custom culture to assume - often, unfortunately - a semblance of a cabaret speck. The MPM brothers took the colors everywhere, from Dracula's castle in Transylvania to the Carol Parc hotel in Bucharest, which housed the KGB headquarters and have proven themselves across two continents. At the next tour, and always in the saddle, with the wind in your face, with the Brothers at your side, with strength and ardor. At each new appointment that life offers us, the MPMs will respond with the roar of their engines...

Papa Doc for MPM GENS